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Home & Deck Staining

Elevate the charm and longevity of your home with our top-tier wood home staining services.  Our seasoned team of experts brings unparalleled craftsmanship to every project, utilizing premium, environmentally friendly stains that not only enhance the natural beauty of your wood but also provide robust protection against the elements. Whether you seek a classic finish or a modern touch, our customizable array of colors and styles ensures a perfect match for your aesthetic vision. With meticulous preparation, attention to detail, and a commitment to transparency in pricing, we transform your wood surfaces into enduring works of art. Trust Ellijay Pro to deliver not just a stunning appearance but a lasting investment in the beauty and resilience of your home.


Free Consultation

Our home staining process begins with a complimentary consultation. Our expert team will assess your wooden surfaces, discuss your preferences, and provide personalized recommendations. We believe in transparency, so you'll receive a detailed quote with no hidden fees.

Surface Preparation

We meticulously clean and, if necessary, sand the surfaces to ensure a flawless foundation for the upcoming transformation.  Damaged or worn-out areas are expertly addressed. From repairing cracks to replacing rotted sections, our skilled craftsmen rejuvenate your wood, guaranteeing a lasting finish that stands the test of time.

Brushed Stain
Stain Palette

The Palette of Stains

Choosing the right stain is an art. Our experts guide you through a curated selection, taking into account wood type, desired aesthetics, and durability. Whether it's the warmth of an oil-based stain or the eco-friendly appeal of water-based options, your vision is our priority.

Application & Drying

With brushes and rollers, our skilled experts apply the chosen stain ensuring an even application for a stunning, uniform finish.

After the application, we allow ample time for the stain to dry and bond with the wood. This crucial step ensures the color's richness and the protective layer's durability, providing you with a finish that withstands the test of weather and time.

Sample Project Picture
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When you need the best there is.

Transform your home into a masterpiece with our top-quality home staining service! Meticulous process, premium stains, and a personalized approach ensure a flawless finish that not only revitalizes your wood surfaces but stands the test of time. Elevate your living spaces with our expertise, where elegance meets enduring beauty.

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